Roli is a retroguelike with a few modern touches, originally built as part of r/roguelikedev's annual 'Tutorial Tuesday' event.

This is only a test build, the game is very much not complete.  You probably won't like it.  But, if you do play it; please leave a comment to give feedback and help the game improve.


The game can be played either with the keyboard or using an XBox One controller.  (Other controllers may also work, but the button mappings may differ from those shown below):

  • Arrow Keys/Numpad/Left Stick: Move.  Move into enemies to quick-attack. Move into doors to open them.  Move into the down stairs to advance to the next level.  When using a weapon to perform a power strike, use the arrow keys to indicate the direction of the attack.
  • Space Bar/Numpad 5/Controller Y: Wait a turn.
  • 1-6 Keys: Use the item in the equivalent inventory slot.
  • G Key/Controller X/Numpad 0: Grab an item.
  • D Key: Drop an item. (After pressing, enter the number of the inventory slot to empty.)
  • D-Pad Up-Down/-,+ Keys: Select an inventory item.
  • Controller A/Numpad Enter: Use selected item.
  • Controller B/Numpad '/': Drop selected item.


Each weapon has two attacks - a quick-attack (performed by moving into an enemy) and a heavy attack (performed by using the item).  Heavy attacks are more powerful but require a turn to prepare, after which you should enter the direction of attack.


Build up a combo by attacking enemies in rapid succession, without taking damage.  The higher your combo hit count, the more likely you are to score a critical hit.

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That’s already pretty fun, the axe mechanics are cool, and the trap+door combo as well.